More than just a Cooperation, theSymbiosis of WD Plus & Ganz Einfach

Philosophie Platzhalter

Facing New ChallengesTogether

Not just selling the customer a product, but offering them added value for their lives - that is more than just a simple guideline for us, it is a drive and an attitude.

More than ten years after the founding of WD Plus & Ganz Einfach GmbH, this fundamental corporate philosophy is still our daily companion and strengthens the close cooperation between the two companies. Every day we rise to the challenge of offering the best possible products on the market and sharing our enthusiasm for them with our customers.


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1.     WD Plus  Representative Office Guangzhou  
2.    WD Plus  5-pillar quality assurance
3.    WD Plus  Import & Logistics 
4.   Ganz Einfach  National & international distribution 
5.   Ganz Einfach  International customer support


Import & LogisticsWD Plus

  • Import company since 2011
  • Product development & optimisation
  • Market analysis & trade fair visits
  • Supplier screening & factory audits
  • Certificate control & conformity check
  • Continuous quality assurance
WD Plus GmbH
Average age

Sales, Marketing & ServiceGanz Einfach

  • Brand development and optimisation
  • International customer support
  • International Sales Management
  • Marketing and Design Department
Ganz Einfach GmbH
Average age

Conserving resources in the recyclable materials cycleSustainability

With this label we would like to show that we are a customer of Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH in Germany and that our sales packaging for the German market participates in the dual system Der Grüne Punkt.

With each of our packagings we try to protect our climate and the environment together with Der Grüne Punkt. That is why we are committed to saving CO2 with the following values:

  • CO2 equivalents
  • Phosphate equivalents
  • Primary energy
  • Sulphur dioxide equivalents
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