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Welcome toWD PLUS

Our company - WD Plus GmbH, based in Hanover - has grown into a highly professional import company since it was founded in 2011. Our 44 employees at the Hanover location guarantee seamless, reliable and cost-optimised import processing from Asia on various modes of transport (sea, air, rail).

We are currently supported by 18 colleagues who maintain direct contact with long-standing business partners in our representative office in Guangzhou.


More than aRepresentative Office in China

Relations between Germany and China are currently more intensive than ever before. This applies in particular to economic cooperation between the two countries. Germany is by far China's most important trading partner in Europe. Conversely, China is the number one economic partner country for Germany in Asia.  

Since the beginnings of WD Plus, our branch office based in the Chinese port city of Guangzhou has therefore played a prominent role in terms of cooperation with the various manufacturers in the respective industry.  



Through the office in the largest city by area in the Pearl River Delta (one of the largest contiguous urban landscapes in the world), we are able to approach and conclude talks, negotiations and inspections directly on the spot.  

  • 15 employees (5 engineers)
  • Finding new partners/products
  • Production procurement/processing
  • Logistics coordination
  • Factory audit and Inspections
  • Supplier management/support
  • Market analysis
  • Supports to the Head Office
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Mobility as the foundationImport & Logistics

The basis of every logistics system is to ensure the availability of the right product, in the right quantity, in the right condition, at the right place and at the right time. The daily task of more than 40 employees at the Hanover site is to manage all this while taking the right costs into account.  

The continuous growth of the material flow is also reflected in the constant expansion of the storage area, which has more than quadrupled since the start. 

m2 Storage area
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The qualityfor added value

Quality enjoys a very high priority in our company. Only if, in addition to our attractive prices, we also control our product quality during development and ensure a consistently high level, can we sustainably satisfy our customers and enjoy long-term success ourselves.  

In order to meet this high standard at all times, we have successfully established our "5 pillar model for quality assurance" in practice over the years.  

This model enables us to develop innovative products that offer our customers the added value they are hoping for.

Our 5 pillars of quality assurance


  • Market analysis & trade fair visits
  • Supplier screening & downstream factory audit
  • Review of first product samples and analysis of similar products (optimal product finding)
  • Data sheet creation
  • Integration of product experience (customer feedback)
  • Bundling of product parameters to create our first sample product



  • Testing of the sample product by our quality assurance department in Germany
  • Certificate control
  • Conformity check
  • Preparation of specifications and requirements
  • Guarantee of our proven quality standards


  • Creation of a final pre-production sample (PP sample)
  • Testing of the PP sample in Germany for production release
  • Continuous quality assurance by means of "online" inspections (control of quality and production standards)



  • Final inspection on site (TÜV/SGS, own engineers)
  • Preparation of the inspection report
  • Acceptance of the inspection report in Germany (comparison of the specifications)
  • Release of the goods by engineer in Germany



  • Conscientious and careful control of the goods according to the defined quality standards
  • Goods distribution with premium logistics service providers (Dachser, DHL)
  • Continuous product monitoring and optimisation